7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Failure

7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Failure

Following on from a recent video, I thought I’d add a few more tips on how to overcome your fear of failure.

As I eluded to previously, the fear of failure is perhaps the biggest fear holding people back from reaching their potential. And this forces many to back off, or opt out or just plain avoid a situation at all costs.

But playing it safe has risks as well.

If you never dare to fail and learn, your success will have a low ceiling.

Most people underestimate their inner strengths and ability to recover from failure, and this leads them to pass up valuable opportunities. remember there’s no failure, only feedback.

The following strategies will help to give you a different so you can overcome the fear of failure.

1. Consider the cost of missed opportunities
Consider the benefits that you lose by avoiding high risk/high reward opportunities. And that’s in all aspects of your life.

Your journey as an entrepreneur contains a wide range of opportunities (some risky, some safe) that combine to form with a journey with a high potential for growth.

The issue is that without taking risk, you can’t exploit any opportunities that come your way.

So would you be able to create something new or amazing if you live a quiet and reasonably happy life, and didn’t push yourself to take a few risks?

How many regrets would you have because you didn’t reach out and grasp opportunities?

2. Look at the alternatives
The unknown is a major source of fear. When you don’t know what you’re dealing with, potential consequences seem far worse than they actually are. We focus of everything that could go wrong.

Take the sting out of fear by understanding it. Research all the potential outcomes (both good and bad) so you genuinely understand the risk of failure AND the benefits of success.

By Analyzing and understanding these outcomes you will see through the fear of failure and make a logical decision.

3. Put the worst-case scenario in perspective
If you chase your goals, desires and dreams and they don’t work out you hoped, worst-case scenario, how long will it take you to recover? The answer is probably less than you expect. It’s only as long as you chose to entertain unhelpful thoughts around it.

How hard would it really be to find another job? How hard would it be to create a new sales page, or tweak an optin page, or even go on a new date…well. only as hard as you chose to make it

So ask yourself the question, Is the fear of a few rough days, weeks or even months strong enough to keep you in a mediocre situation indefinitely?

4. Understand the benefits of failure
This ties in with my golden mantra again of there’s no failure only feedback, and I’m going to keep reminding you of it until the penny drops.

Put a different perspective on it, consider each failure like a trial in an experiment and an opportunity for growth.

5. Make a contingency plan
Another way to overcome the fear of failure is to reduce the downside. Hedge your risk by creating a plan B.

Even if your first option doesn’t work out the way you expected, you can still keep the momentum going with a plan B.

If you manage risk carefully and sensibly, you can capture the benefits of high-risk opportunities while leaving yourself a safety net.

6. Take action
The best way to reduce fear, grow as a person, and build confidence is to take action. Don’t ever limit yourself by inaction.

As soon as you take action, you begin to accumulate experience and knowledge. What ever you apply yourself to, is hard to begin with.

Your first few driving lessons, your first day in a new job, learning how to bake, your first gym session..it’s all the same. after you do it once, or a few times, you see that its ok, and each time afterward it gets easier and easier.

So start off with small steps and build up your confidence until the fear of failure is manageable or so tiny that ti hardly crosses your mind.

7. Burn your bridges
Take that giant leap. This is a biggie, so how many of you are brave enough to do this.

If you have a goal, but are afraid to commit, force yourself into action by burning your bridges.

Let me explain, for example, sign up for an evening course before you’re even ready to start.

Or set a deadline to move to a new town or city without finding a place to stay first.

Or sign up to a gym and book your first personal training session before you’ve even brought your gym kit.

You’re literally giving yourself a massive boot up the backside, committing to something AND forcing yourself to take action to achieve it.

So take action, try these out and let me know how you get on.

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