Hi there, I’m Umesh


I am a heartfelt and compassionate coach, published author & online entrepreneur on a soul centred quest to help free spirits, adventurers & freedom chasers (like you) create lives and businesses they love.

Welcome. I’m glad our paths have finally crossed. Sometimes our journeys in life can leave us feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

Maybe that voice within, that little red devil that sits on your shoulder, keeps knocking you back down, flooding your mind with self-doubt, fear and negative chatter. Maybe, just maybe, you’ve lived your life according to the way others expect you to, that has left you aching for a complete you, where your heart, mind, body and soul work in harmony to create a life you lead on your own terms.

Together we can create that connection, starting from within, where authenticity, trust, self-belief, happiness and freedom are your companions in life.

The key to discovering your true self and creating a life you’re truly happy with is to take a step back, pause, slow things down and start building your foundations from within. You already have everything you need to change, you just need to discover how to access them and build a stronger, loving connection with yourself.

Sometimes that journey isn’t an easy one. You may have built up lots of barriers to help protect yourself from the hard knocks in life, but you will do it. You’ll find the resilience and courage to free yourself of the limiting blocks, self-doubt and negativity that have stopped you living a life you truly deserve.

Together we can free you of the barriers that have held you back, and build a life where your dreams become reality and your strength becomes your ally.

Imagine experiencing the world around you in different way, where you travel to far flung corners of the globe, where you naturally connect with like-minded souls and tap into an abundant energy source within.

Imagine having the passion to build a business that gives you freedom, contentment and enrichment whilst doing do what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, and as much as you want!

I promise you it’s waiting there for you…a life you truly love.


Umesh Damania